KC Underground

Project: KC Underground Leader: Rob Wegner Website: Purpose: A missionary on every street and a microchurch in every network of relationships for the purpose of …

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Love Clan

Project: Love Clan Leader: Jate Earhart Website: Purpose: Help gamers find & follow Jesus. Project Categories Bivo/Covo Business for Mission Models and Expressions Church Planting and …

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Urban Islands Project

Project: Urban Islands Project Leader: Steve Pike Website: Purpose: To increase the presence of the Church in urban neighborhoods in American cities. Project Categories Bivo/Covo Business …

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Virtual reality Church

Project: Virtual Reality Church Leader: DJ Soto Website: Purpose: Our mission is to explore and communicate God’s love through virtual reality, augmented reality, and next generation technologies. …

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Grace in the Bywater

Project: Grace in the Bywater Leader: Stephen Partain Purpose: Creating a commercial kitchen and event space that will be used to create affordable access to food entrepreneurs, …

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Lux Digital Church

Project: Lux Digital Church Leader: Mark Lutz Website: Purpose: To see a thriving, self-supporting, and multiplying church that impacts thousands of lives digitally and physically with the …

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The Robloxian Christians

Project: The Robloxian Christians Leader: Daniel Herron Website: Purpose: TRC Ministries’ goal is to equip and resource youth-led ministries on Roblox and Discord. Project Categories Other …

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Pursuit Church Live

Project: Pursuit Church Live Leader: Angela Craig Purpose: PCL is a digital-only church/community with the mission and heart to reach people who are spiritually homeless (people who …

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Unshackled Network

Project: Unshackled Network Leader: Arman Shelley Website: Purpose: We are a decentralized network of microchurches innovating ways to help those on the margins of Lake County (Illinois) …

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Center for Pioneers

Project: Center for Pioneers Leader: Jon Wiest Purpose: To establish a training center for emerging pioneer leaders. Project Categories Church Planter Recruiting and Equipping Methods and …

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Church Project

Project: Church Project Houston TX Leader: Jason Shepperd Website: Purpose: Church Project is “A Church of House Churches,” and is beginning a movement of planting and replanting …

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Free Market Church

Project: Free Market Church Leader: Hugh Halter and Taylor McCall Purpose: The purpose of Free Market Church is to provide a national training/coaching network for apostolic leaders …

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Project: Trellis Leader: Joshua Armstrong Purpose: Trellis is a network of missionaries and micro-churches that exists to see gospel saturation in all 34 counties of East Tennessee. …

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Common Thread

Project: Common Thread Leader: Nick Crawford Website: Purpose: We are an interconnected network that creates, resources, and services initiatives that focus on the margins, the church, and …

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So Shine Foundation

Project: So Shine Foundation Leader: Tami Lakey Website: Purpose: We seek to mobilize the Church for a fresh expression of the Kingdom as we engage our community …

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Nuvo Church

Project: Nuvo Church Leader: Patrick Holden Website: Purpose: Nuvo is creating space for people to explore and integrate faith through unique digital/physical expressions. Project Categories Church …

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The 1000 Churches Initiative

Project: The 1000 Churches Initiative Leader: J.R. Rushik Purpose: We plant churches. Project Categories Church Planter Recruiting and Equipping Collaborative Methods for Increased Planting Micro Models …

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Creating the First Hybrid Irl and VR Church

Project: Creating the first hybrid IRL (in-real-life) and VR (virtual reality) Church Leader: Jason Poling Purpose: Our goal is to reach all worlds for Jesus by planting …

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The Kingdom Dreams Initiative

Project: The Kingdom Dreams Initiative Leader: Ben Hardman Website: Purpose: Calling the Church to dream again. Empowering pastors to step away from managing institutions and step into …

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Disciple Making Lab

Project: Disciple Making Lab Leader: Doug Paul Website: Purpose: The Disciple making Lab is led by Catapult and it helps a church create a unique discipleship model …

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One Multichurch Network

Project: One Multichurch Network Leader: David Drury Website: Purpose: The One Multichurch Network of 40+ microchurch leaders in North America seeks to mobilize an additional 100 microchurch …

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Generation Distinct

Project: Generation Distinct Leader: Hannah Gronowski Barnett Website: Purpose: Generation Distinct equips next generation leaders (18-28) to discover the wrong they were born to make right, …

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Mission Church

Project: Mission Church Leader: Myron Pierce Website: Purpose: Our macro vision as an inner city church is to saturate every inner city with diverse hope filled …

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Godsquad Church

Project: GodSquad Church Leader: TJ Rosa (Daelyte) Website: Purpose: GodSquad Church exists to connect gamers to God by meeting them where they are. Project Categories Church …

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The Truth Republic

Project: The Truth Republic Leader: Carrie Williams Website: Purpose: The Truth Republic is making Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling. Project …

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Ocnwtr Church

Project: OCNWTR Church Leader: Ryan Delamater Website: Purpose: OCNWTR exists to help the marginalized coastal communities of the 108 countries with direct ocean access receive their drinking …

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The Syndicate

Project: The Syndicate Leader: Robert Frazier and Dusty Benner Website: Purpose: The mission of the Syndicate is to build training and resource hubs to leverage the resources …

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Greenhouse Network

Project: Greenhouse Network Leader: Joel Repic Purpose: The Greenhouse Network is a decentralized, released, growing family of missional leaders and outposts (non-profit organizations, social impact projects, missional …

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